Best Electric Chainsaws 2021

No doubt chainsaw serves as one of the best tools ever. There are a lot of things you can do with a chainsaw such as a tree falling, bucking, pruning, and much more. However; this is more important that you should own the best electric chainsaw. Without having a proper quality electric chainsaw, you might not get along with it in the future.

And that is why we have brought this guide for you where you can find out some super electric chainsaws, moreover. We will discuss buying guides too. So, let us get started with the list of the top 10.

Best Electric Chainsaws Comparison Table:

Table 3 – Pro Version

  • Features: Item25 x 9 x 9 inches,Battery20V,Weight8.8 pound
  • Benefits: Constant recharge capability,Excellent upper body workout,Quiet, sturdy, designed for swinging
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Makita XCU03PT1
  • Features: Weight: 20.8 pounds, Model: B0765BPGDR, Best-seller rank: 8,310
  • Benefits: Automatic shut-off, Variable speed trigger, Basic and durable
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Dewalt 40v chainsaw
  • Features:Weight: 20.8 pounds, Model: B0765BPGDR, Best-seller rank: 8,310
  • Benefits: Constant recharge capability, Excellent upper body workout, Designed for swinging
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Greenworks pro 80v
  • Features: Weight:<.b> 2.05 pounds, Best-seller rank: 3,910, Model: GCS80420
  • Benefits: Excellent upper body, Sturdy, Significant cost savings
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Milwaukee Milwaukee 2719-20
  • Features: Weight: 55 pounds, Model: 2719-20, Best-seller rank: 2,122
  • Benefits: Brushless motor, Great precision, Long-lasting battery
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Black Decker Black Decker pole saw
  • Features:Weight: 4 pounds, Model: B004 MH1C, Best-seller rank: 2,127
  • Benefits: Battery is operated , Smart charger for battery, With a good motor
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Remington Remington electric pole saw
  • Features: Weight: 5 pounds, Model: B078WF1Z7P, Best-seller rank: 4,864
  • Benefits: Instant start, 10 inches bar and chain, Easily adjust the length
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Black Decker Black Decker Aligator lopper
  • Features: Weight: 8 pounds , Model: B004JMZH26, Best-seller rank: 3,453
  • Benefits: Decent quality chainsaw, warranty package, Possible mishap
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ECHO Cordless ECHO Cordless chainsaw
  • Features: Weight: 66 pounds, Model: B019NFPJ12, Best-seller rank: 40,107
  • Benefits: Elegant design, High-quality brushless, Automatic oiling option
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Milwaukee Milwaukee electric chainsaw
  • Features:Weight: 21 pounds, Model: 2727-21HD, Best-seller rank: 24,843
  • Benefits: Extensive power, Automatic oiler, Smooth while cutting
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Best Electric Chainsaws Top 10 Reviews In This Guide:

Editors Choice



  • Item diamention:25 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Item weight:8.8 Pounds
  • Brand:DEWALT

DEWALT is one of the best chainsaws that offer you premium quality along with workability and productivity. So, if you are trying to focus on quality, then you should totally go for DEWALT 20V max XR chainsaw. Let us explore some of the main features of this beast.


DEWALT offers you an automatic oiling system that makes sure that that your chainsaw stays lubricated even after extensive use. This not only increases durability but also it can be helpful when you have to work for prolonged hours.

It also features an oil level indicator that lets you keep track of the oil. So if you find out the oil is running low, you can easily remove the battery and fill it up with the right type of oil, which is very efficient. You should also make a note to empty the tank after using it.

Another best feature of DEWALT chainsaw is that it does not give you high kickback; instead, you feel low kickback that assists you properly while dealing with the most crucial and professional projects.

DEWALT also offers you brushless motor experience that gives increased run time and saves motor life too; moreover, you get to have tool-free chain tensioning.

And that means you do not have to spend a lot of time adjusting the chain tension or the bar tightening. In terms of weight, it weighs about 8.8lbs which is not so heavy as compared to many other models. However, in general, it is a heavy-duty electric chainsaw.


  •  Product dimension: 25 x 9 x 9 inches
  •   Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Model: DCCS620P1
  •  Bestseller rank: 181
  • Constant recharge capability.
  • Excellent upper body workout.
  • Quiet, sturdy, designed for swinging.
  • There is a significant cost savings.
  • The oil cap is so poorly made it snaps when trying to remove it.
  • The chain constantly jumps off.

Editors Choice



  • Power source:Battery powerd
  • Item weight:10.4 Pounds

If you are looking for a professional and best battery chainsaw for some of your bigger projects then black decker 40V max can surely be a savior for you. This best electric chainsaw is operated on 40V lithium-ion best battery; a lithium battery ensures its long life and runtime, so once fully charged, it would give you a considerably good amount of backup.


Also, you would not feel high kickback which is definitely something you would appreciate while working. However, it weighs about 10.4 pounds, which might be a little heavier as compared to some other electric chainsaw.

Also, the black decker gives you automatic oiling system that keeps the system lubricated. It enhances the capability of the chainsaw, and so even if you were to use it for extended hours, you could keep up with it.

Another premium thing about decker is its extended battery timing that gives you about 4 to 5 hours of battery life. It lets you know the charging status with its green indicating light. It keeps flashing; however, after being charged completely, it remains still. That is a pretty significant feature too.

So, if you are looking for professional projects this 12” inches high-quality bar and chain would let you cut through various things, quite suitable for pruning branches and fallen limbs.

Another important that deserves some light is its comfortable handle. It has a complete wrap over the grip providing you with extra comfort while working in different angles and orientations.


  • Product dimension: 28.56 x 8.81 x 9.63 inches
  • Voltage: 40
  • Model: LCS1240
  • Bestseller rank: 8,918
  • Quick and easy chain adjustments.
  • Lightweight design .
  • Plenty of power and a long life battery.
  • The battery overheats very easily.
  • The teeth are not completely available for cutting
  • Oil leakage.

Editors Choice
Greenworks G-MAX 40V

3-Greenworks G-MAX 40V


  • Power source:Battery powerd
  • Item weight:11.6
  • Brand:Greenworks

Greenworks G-max is one of the best electric chainsaws, first of all, it provides you with 16” inches blade that surely uplifts the amount of work it can do for you, besides the quality of Greenworks G-max is considerable too.


This chainsaw is based on lithium-ion technology that makes sure that you do not run out of gas quickly; instead. They also have increased productivity and efficiency by increasing the torque and eliminating the vibration up to 70%.

Greenworks G-max is powered by innovative brushless technology which offers you noiseless experience, and also you can rely on their credibility.

Some of the main features include a strong Oregon bar and chain that can keep up with the heavy-duty workload. Moreover; it .375 chain pitch and metal bucking spikes ensure to offer you power.

If you are a professional worker, then the 16-inch bar would be a suitable choice for you, it gives you about 150 cuts per charge. Also, you do not have to worry about oiling, as Greenworks provide you with automatic oiling and chain tensioning.

In terms of weight, it weighs about 10.36lbs which could be a little heavier for you. But since it features 16” inches long bar, the weight becomes ideal for such big electric chainsaw.


  •  Product Dimension: 31 x 9 x 8.50 inches
  •  Weight: 10.36 lbs
  •  Model: 20312
  •  Bestseller rank: 3313
  • Extending the life-time of the tool.
  • Longer run-time.
  • Less noise and lower vibration.
  • Easy to use.
  • Battery won’t charge after three charges
  • leaking oil.

Editors Choice
Greenworks G-MAX 40V

3-Greenworks G-MAX 40V


  • Power source:Battery powerd
  • Item weight:10 inch

We have seen and discussed the capabilities of black decker; if you are looking for something lesser than 12” inches then for sure black decker 10” inches would suffice.


Another best thing about black decker 10” inches is that it is operated on 20 Volts. That is half of what black decker 12” inches uses. 20 Volts make sure the battery runs longer, that is about five times better.

Other features are quite premium too. It has Oregon that minimizes the high kick. Also, you get to have a tool-free blade tension system that lets you make adjustments swiftly.

However, some people had mentioned that you might not find it quite useful in cutting through the thick wood, but on the other hand. It is light in weight, quite easy to use, and provides you with premium durability. You can enjoy the cordless experience with extended battery life.


  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to use.
  • high performance.
  • Window for gauge oil level
  • Toll free blade tension system.
  • Sold battery separately
  • Oregon 10 inch premium
  • It is less than gas powered same size
  • Bar tool item do not have a battery

Editors Choice
Greenworks 12-Inch 40V

5-Greenworks 12-Inch 40V


  • Power source:Battery powerd
  • Item Diamention:26.4 x 8.1 x 11 inches
  • Brand: Greenworks

Greenworks have been serving people for a long time now, and now it has become a name of the trust, so if you go for Greenworks Company, you will not regret it. However, make sure you pick what suits you the best, and that is why we have put different products by the same company.


Greenworks is another premium model that offers you a 12” inches strong steel chain and bar that has a tool-free chain tightening feature. So you can enjoy the high-performing cutting.

This G-Max product has 40 volts lithium-ion battery that gives you extended battery life. If you are to pick up some heavy cuttings, then it is recommended you go along with this model; otherwise, 10” inches would be enough for general and minor cuttings. Also, it is fully compatible with G-max 2.0 Ah battery 29462.

Not only Greenworks is best to provide you with comfortable cutting angles, but also it has quiet less kickback that gives you rich and relaxed experience even while working on some crucial cuttings.

And do not neglect automatic oiling feature that ensures you always have supreme productivity of blade. That puts less force and does more work for you.


  • Superior quality.
  • High performance.
  • highly safe.
  • High Battery performance
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to handle
  • Highly recommended
  • chain stopped oiling
  • Cheap plastic and poorly made

Editors Choice
WORX WG303.1 14.5

6-WORX WG303.1 14.5


  • Power source:Coeded electric
  • Item weight: 11.1 pounds
  • Brand: WORX

We are putting forth another best electric chainsaw for you that secures extra durability along with the best durability. Not only Worx is best in its design that looks elegant but also it has some underlined best features.


Premium thing about this electric chainsaw is its price, you can purchase it in about $84, and you get maximum features at such affordable price. So is indeed the best electric chainsaw for the money.

Let us explore what this chainsaw has to offer; with Worx, you get to have the best motor life as it has an auto tensioning system. The patent system abstains it from over-tightening, which directly results in the long life of motor, bar and the chain.

Also, you get auto lubrication that gives you smoother and lighter cutting experience. This becomes more important if you are going to deal with some rough or extended hours of cutting.

The best feature that I personally love is its chain brake system, it helps you prevent the dangerous and accidental cutting, and it immediately stops the chain, which is very important. So you stay safe; also full wrap handle ensures perfect grip, you can surely find your comfortable angle to work.

This is not just it Worx offers you a rubber back handle. It is best known to provide you with a firm grip, you always feel your chainsaw is under your control, and that enhances your workability.

Finally, this 16” inches Worx chainsaw gives you metal spikes bumper that is quality built. They are good to have a firm grip on surfaces such as wood, not only it refrain you from kickback but also it is outstanding in keeping things under control. And it is so far best corded electric chainsaw.


  • perfectly tightened
  • aggressive chain
  • comfortable hand-hold
  •  not heavy and evenly balanced
  • plenty of power
  • Perfectly tightened
  • Comfortable hand-hold.
  • Not heavy and evenly balanced.
  • Aggressive chain.
  • plenty of power
  • a cord can make things more challenging.
  • leaking chain oil.

Editors Choice

7-Oregon CS1500 18 inch


  • Power source:Coeded electric
  • Item weight:12.6
  • Brand: Oregon

Are you looking for a field beast? Oregon CS1500 would indeed prove to be the best electric chainsaw; it offers you 18 inches blade, the best thing about the Oregon CS1500 is its self-sharpening system. Yes, you heard that right, now not every electric chainsaw offers you this feature.

It is a high power that features 15 amperes; you can start it with just one trigger, however, if you are not into corded chainsaw then you might not like it, as it is a traditional corded electric chainsaw.

But it gives you the best experience; it does not require warm-up or any delay; you just put the cord and start using it. Oregon is also known to provide you with the best vibration prevention feature that is low kickback. You get premium and graceful design in just about $84, which is worth considering.

Oregon gives you built-in Lubri-tech option that keeps the friction as low as possible, resulting in high workability and efficiency of the chainsaw.

Moreover, you do not require any assembling, neither you have to worry about safety; it keeps you safe with its instant chain brake. But it uses about 120 voltages that are way more than what other electric chainsaws on our list use.


  • Product dimension: 18 x 37.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Bestseller rank: 246
  •  Model: 603352
  •     Voltage: 120 Volts
  • 1.guid bar and powersharp for minimizes downtime in 3 second or less
  • Built-in lubri-tec oiling system for reducing friction.
  • low nois cutts b/w cutting
  • no assembly required
  • no special tool required.
  • The grey casing was loose.
  • Chain keeps on coming off.

Editors Choice



  • Power source:Battery power
  • Item weight:12.2 pounds
  • Brand:V

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 16” inches would be a decent compliment to the previous DEWALT model we mentioned; indeed, it is the best company to start with. It has maximum power and durability, which motivates us to add another product by DEWALT.


This is mostly suitable for your outdoor cuttings; it has almost the same features as the previously DEWALT model we brought into the light, also DEWALT FLEXVOLT gives you quarter-turn oil cap that can be helpful in the quick refill and then it takes care of you as it has auto oil lubrication system

So you just fill the oil, and it keeps working best. So you can consider this as another best electric chain saw for 2021. It has a chain brake system for your protection, serves you with premium quality unless you do not like the weight, that has 12.2 pounds, apart from the value you would find this tool so much productive and in best quality.

 Also, it is operated on 60 Volts only that makes it power and energy-efficient, so if you are looking for a powerful electric chainsaw, then DEWALT FLEXVOLT is for you.


  •  Product dimension: 10 x 35 x 9 inches
  • Model: DCCS670X1
  •  Weight: 12.2 pounds
  •  Bestseller rank: 1,625
  •  Voltage: 60 Volts
  • chain brake for back protection
  • The Ctightening knob allow for proper bar clamping force.
  • Oil cap for quick oil refill
  • Three year limited warranty
  • hard bar cover.
  • 40volt will last longer.
  • No 6amp battery.

Editors Choice
Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch

9-Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch


  • Power source:Corded electric
  • Item Diamentiin:68.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Brand:Sun Joe

Sun Joe SWJ800E is another best type of electric chainsaw, and one of the best and unique features of this chain saw is that it serves you as an electric pole chainsaw.

It is not your ordinary chainsaw that you have to use from a close-range distance; you can use it from a considerable distance.

It has a telescoping pole that can extend 8.7 feet; it has 15 feet reach that makes sure you can cut branches or anything without going too close.

The bar of this chainsaw is 8 inches long that is sufficient enough to provide you with good workability under various circumstances.

Moreover, it has a self-lubricated system that keeps the chain, and it’s working system smooth. This electric chainsaw has a 2 fl oz oil tank which keeps the system lubricated.

It does not require any warm-up time or loading time; you can instantly start working as you start it, it has 6000 rpm speed along with the sound level of 108 dB, that makes it comfortable working with.

Usually, it is best suitable for overhanging branches and tree leaves, etc. Or anything that generally appears at a distance.

If you want to utilise it for some other purpose such as log cutting, then you should choose some other best electric chainsaw on our list.

Another best thing Sun Joe SWJ800E offers you is its best lightweight feature, and it only weighs 7lbs which means you do not have to worry about carrying it for longer, and it also.


  • Product dimension: 68.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  •  Model: SWJ800E
  • Bestseller rank: 17,350
  • multi position head cutts
  • overhanging limbs and thin logs.
  • CSA approved with 2 years warranty.
  • Three year limited warranty.
  • lightweight and easy to handle.
  • danger and difficult for overgrown trees.
  • Powered electrically

Editors Choice
EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch

10-EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch


  • Power source:Battery power
  • colour:Black+green
  • Brand:EGO power

Finally mentioning our last but surely not the least product that is highly capable and most
durable too, if you are to deal with heavy duty work and heavy cutting, this would be the good
choice as it offers you 16” inches blade that has Oregon bar and chain..


Mostly perfect for heavy work, besides that it offers you brushless motor which increases the
performance and efficiency of the chainsaw. However; the battery and charger are not included in
the package.

Another premium feature of EGO power is its weather resistance, and also the motor power
offers you 6800 RPM that can withstand your professional workload. In safety features, it has
a low kickback and also the brake for emergency stop control, not only this but also a double
guard bar and sprocket nose make sure you get the maximum security.

You can get this chainsaw in about $218, that might be a little expensive as compared to the
other products on our list, but still considering the quality and features it is worth it.


  • Product dimension: 32.09 x 9.45 x 9.84 inches
  • Weight: 8.69 lbs
  • Model: CS1600
  • Bestseller rank: 973
  • high efficiency brushless motor
  • chain tensioning system.
  • kick back brake for safety and control.
  • double guard bar and narrow -kerf sprocket nose.
  • Battery and charger not included.
  • Tools baR not included


What is the best brand of a chainsaw?

There are many best brands for electric chainsaws, mainly the best type of chainsaw depends upon the type of your work.

In performance, DEWALT, Oregon, black decker and Greenworks are best.

Is an electric chainsaw any good?

Electric chainsaws are pretty good and durable as they feature entirely upgraded and new features; they even have a cordless charging option that gives you workability. You can quickly move anywhere with electric chainsaws after charging them; also they do not heat up, so that gives you a big plus point over gas chainsaws as they first need to cool down before you can refill them.

Is an electric chainsaw more dangerous?

Electric chainsaws are not as powerful as the gas chainsaws; however; there are different motor powers, ranging between 8Amp to 15 Amp. You can choose 8Amp for lighter motor power, and using them without precaution is the only dangerous thing.

So, the answer to this question is no. They are not dangerous. They are available in different motor powers too, but over the nature of chainsaw is dangerous, whether it is gas or electrical.

What is the best electric chainsaw on the market?

We have put some of the best electric chainsaws on our list. All of these are best-selling models, for the lighter branching and trimming work with distance Sun Joe SWJ800E its a best-selling model. And others such as Greenworks, Black decker and DWALT are for a little heavier and closed range works.

How to select the best electric chainsaw:

Having a chainsaw might not be a foremost requirement of everybody, however, if you have to take care of cutting trees, branches in your backyard, then no other thing would be as useful as the electric chainsaw, because shears or hand saw will not work if your tree needs heavy trimming.

Some people think that a gas chainsaw is more powerful than electric, but this is not entirely true, there are all types of electric chainsaws and some of the good models that we see today provide you with excellent power and performance.

But electric chainsaws are usually divided into two main categories that are corded and cordless. Usually, the cordless electric chainsaws are not as heavy-duty as the corded, reason is pretty evident as they are not running on saved energy; instead, they are taking power directly from the socket.

Let us talk about some of the main things that you should keep in mind while purchasing the electric chainsaw.

Maintenance/ Automatic oiling:

Having an electric chainsaw would surely make things quite more straightforward and more comfortable for you, but do not forget that you may have to take care of the proper maintenance of your electric chainsaw now and then.

How often your chainsaw would demand maintenance depends upon how much you use it, the more you utilise it, the more it requires oiling and cleaning.

Without putting oil will surely deteriorate the performance and lifespan of your chainsaw, and this is another reason why you should go for a chainsaw that has a self-lubricated system if you are very keen about oiling your chainsaw every time. So automatic oiling is essential.


If you are a fan of DIY, then you must be habitual of all that buzzing, clanking and other types of noise. However, not everyone goes for that. You can create things and still choose to have a little comfortable environment.

There are many types of electric chainsaws that give you 90dB to 102 dB that makes sure you are not encountered with a too loud noise. And this is considerably low as compared to gas chainsaws that users have higher than 115dB. So, make sure you select the chainsaw with low noise.


If you have ever used a gas chainsaw or some other traditional old chainsaw, then you must have noticed the kickback it gives while working. Kickback usually takes place when the chain hits the object.

This can give you a strong reverse reaction, and this can be quite dangerous too, there have been many accidents also as you lose your control. And that is why if you are purchasing the electric chainsaw you should always go for the one that gives minimum kickback.

Luckily electric chainsaws are featured with safety chains that lower the kickback as much as possible, and also electric chainsaws are not as heavy-duty as the traditional gas chainsaw so that you can be sure of low kickback.

Battery life:

This feature solely depends upon how long you want to work, and what type of work you are encountered with. Typically an excellent electric chainsaw can offer you 5 hours of backup which should suffice your requirements.

But you can also choose to have a compact electric chainsaw for smaller projects, and even if it gives you a little less time, it would be okay for you, as you can complete your assignment later, have a gap, or maybe that was all it required for your project completion.

So depending upon the type of your work, do not neglect the battery life of your electric chainsaw.

Corded and cordless:

People love to go for a cordless chainsaw as they are compact, you can take them anywhere with you, which is why they are very nice.

But just think about it, if you do not have to move anywhere with your chainsaw, and if you have to deal with heavy-duty projects daily in that case, the corded electric chainsaw will do best for you.

They are not only more powerful but also they do not require charging now and then. So to keep working and depending upon the type of your work, choose this wisely.

Safety features:

Did we talk about chainsaws being a severe tool? A chainsaw can be lethal or can put you through serious injuries. That is why it is relatively essential you follow the safety precaution before you use it.

Let us shed light on what you can do to prevent injuries; do not buy a chainsaw that does not contain these safety features.

Chain brake system:

The chain brake system can be life saviour; it is meant to stop the chainsaw if the saw runs into some object accidentally or with a sudden movement. You might want to ignore a chainsaw that does not even offer you this simple safety feature.


Anti-vibration is not really a safety thing, but still, it is essential as it does not let you get tired, if you are a person who has seen the whole day, then chances of your getting tired are high. In that case, you should choose a chainsaw that gives you anti-vibration features so that your cutting experience does not become hectic and tiring.

Stop control access:

Just like we discussed the chain brake system, stop access control is very handy to prevent fatal accidents too. Accessible stop control is there to abstain you from putting yourself in unwanted situations; you can stop your chainsaw by merely turning off the engine. This is the vital and most important thing that you should not ignore while making a purchase.

Motor power:

Motor power of your chainsaw defines the type of work you want to do with it. Of course, the higher the intensity of the motor the more massive the amount of work you can do.

But this can work against you if you want to do just a little amount of work such as pruning or trimming branches. Then you should not purchase a very powerful chainsaw unless you are into cutting logs.

Typically chainsaws have 8 Amps to 15, so 8 would be suitable for you if you just want to keep your backyard clean from the long bushes and branches. Only go for higher power if you’re going to cut heavy things, for that purpose you can think of 15 Amp.

These are some of the best tips. Follow these tips, and you will purchase the best electric chainsaw for you, along with these tips, do not forget to follow the safety precautions too. As you can compromise on the performance of your chainsaw, but you should never compromise on your safety.


We have presented some of the best electric chainsaws that are known as best and professional electric chainsaws, many of them have been chosen by professionals who are working in their field for a long time.

We recommend you first take a look at all of these, go for specifications, and see what suits you the best as it might vary and will totally depend on the type of work you want to do from that electric chainsaw.

Which is why not only you should figure out what type of work you want to do from your chainsaw, but also you should know how to purchase an electric chainsaw that would suffice your requirements.

For that purpose we have brought a guide for you, make sure you read it to choose the best electric chainsaw for you. Buying a guide of anything is quite mandatory, especially when you are purchasing that thing for the first time.

Even the most professional people sometimes ignore the facts of how they should choose their tools, and this leads them to end up putting more effort, and sometimes their devices do not work as much as they should be.

List of the products we mentioned are:

·       DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

·       BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

·       Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

·       BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch

·       Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

·       Worx WG303.1, 14.5 Amp 16-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw

·       Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

·       DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Chainsaw

·       Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw